Understanding Youth Development

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Youth development is a very critical stage of human development. It is a period of critical decision making, influence and learning. To build a healthy and self-reliant society in line with the vision and mission of DOHEF, a great deal of intentional investment needs to go into youth development.
It is often said that one cannot give what one does not have. Since many people did not have the privilege of being mentored or guided the right way during their youth development, we have prepared this short course from Yali youth workbook to provide you with some of the critical points of youth development and preparing you to be the best youth mentor you can be.

Consider: What specific skills or experiences make you uniquely suited for helping youth?

Consider: Why do you think it is important to mentor youth?

Consider: what aspect of youth development do you have special concern?

Consider: Are you currently impacting youth within your community?

Consider: Are you someone's role model?

Consider: How do you connect with the youth around you?

Consider: Youth mentorship is a responsibility, we owe it to the world to be responsible, act responsible and be a role model for a better tomorrow.

The workbook for this course is available at Yali

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