Wednesday, March 25, 2020

In line with the vision and mission of Dohef, the organization is championing the course of rendering meaningful assistance that will offer education aids to all students across schools; Primary, Secondary, and tertiary institutions in Nigeria especially to those in the rural areas where a good number of youths are highly disadvantaged to acquire basic and quality education.

Dohef”s education aids plan includes but not limited to the following projects.

Provision of books and equipping of school library.
Creation of conducive learning environment through provision infrastructures in rural schools.
Establishment of Dohef university scholarship scheme for indigent students from rural areas who are in tertiary institutions in Nigeria
Offer of scholarship for post graduates studies to indigent student in foreign countries.
Establishment of bursary award trust fund to cater for average students in tertiary institutions to supplement limited financial support from their parents.
Organizing annual essay and quiz competition for students in primary and secondary schools in rural areas.
Establishment of computer education service centre for free computer and ICT training for students in rural areas.
Establishment of vocational education centre at Nsukka.
Establishment of adult education program for rural adults.

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