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we are passionate about developing humanity


"Do unto others as you would want them do unto you and remember you will pass this world only once, Therefore, do good".

What we do

We aim to: 
  1. Give scholarships & grants to ensure equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunity for all.
  2.  Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls
  3. Creation of Job opportunities.
  4.  Organizing skill acquisition programs
  5. Leadership training.
  6. Offering advice on migration and other related issues
  7. Paying for hospital bills for the poor and organizing medical outreaches.


Our Story

About 10.5million children in Nigeria are denied the chance to go to school. These children could be our next generation’s leaders, sports stars, doctors and teachers. But they face a lifelong struggle against poverty, insecurity and diseases.

Education Aid

In line with the vision and mission of Dohef, the organization is championing the course of rendering meaningful assistance that will offer education aids to all students across schools; Primary, Secondary, and tertiary institutions in Nigeria especially to those in the rural areas...Continue reading

Health Plan

We have made major plans in improving the health of millions of people, increasing life expectancy, reducing maternal and child mortality and fighting against diseases. Dohef has the following health development plan...continue reading

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Who we are:

Our vision

To cultivate well-established and self-reliant society, where people have access to better health and education in a conducive environment for enhanced good quality of livelihood.


To organize our communities and empower them academically to become independent and self-reliant, to live a holistic life geared towards actualizing the SDG Goals

About us

Domark Health and Education Foundation is an NGO geared towards developing humanity. Our aim is to transform lives positively through...